Equipping Albertans to create vibrant, ecologically functional landscapes within the built environment, through comprehensive stormwater management.


We need houses and roads for our growing population. Unfortunately, all those hard surfaces result in twenty or more times the runoff than a natural landscape! And that runoff can be quite dirty.

Low impact development is an evolution of the science of stormwater management. It is an approach that mimics nature's features and processes in order to minimize and clean up this runoff in the most economical way possible--while maximizing environmental and social benefits.

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From planning and policy to operations and maintenance, through the design and approvals process to construction...land development has many players and many implications for managing runoff. For a sustainable future, we need to evolve.

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Property Owners

A low-impact landscape on your own property is an essential component of an affordable, sustainable stormwater management system. Learn how you can do your part...there are many simple ways to get started!

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WORK FOR US IN 2022/23! Develop a site-level GSI Calculator

Aug 24, 2022

We are hiring! Help us develop a web-based site-level GSI calculator. Applications close August 31, 2022 for work starting in mid-September.

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Nose Creek Watershed Partnership completes Hydrologic, Hydraulic and Water Quality Model Scoping Study

Apr 14, 2021

The Nose Creek Watershed Partnership has completed Phase I of its four-phase Nose Creek Model Project, reviewing 20 models for the development of its watershed-scale predictive model.

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Alberta Health Releases Public Health Guidelines for Water Reuse and Stormwater Use

Feb 22, 2021

HOT OFF THE PRESS: The long-awaited Public Health Guidelines for Water Reuse and Stormwater Use have been issued by Alberta Health.

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