Fayi Zhou Ph.D., P.Eng.



Fayi Zhou is the senior manager, Asset Management and Capital Planning, EPCOR Drainage Services. His expertise covers infrastructure asset management, watershed planning, green infrastructure (LID), river engineering, wastewater and stormwater management.

Fayi has lead several major projects including the risk-based infrastructure asset-renewal capital planning, the Water for Life Strategy – Drainage Master Planning, Low Impact Design Guide for the City of Edmonton, and Edmonton Combined Sewer System Retrofit Numerical Study. In addition, Fayi has engaged the Edmonton’s New Neighborhood Design Guide (City of Edmonton, 2014), Alberta Non-Point Source Pollution Control Strategy (Albert Water Council 2012) and the North Saskatchewan Watershed Integrated Management Plan (2010).

Fayi hold a PhD from the University of Albert and  published over 80 papers at international journals and conferences and has co-authored a technical textbook, “Transient Flows”. He is an adjunct professor at the Concordia University, Montreal.