David Seeliger P.Eng.


MPE Engineering Ltd.

David has over 23 years of international experience in the field of water resources and civil engineering including stormwater management, in general, and the implementation of LID in urban environments, in particular. During his years in Australia, which is a leader in the implementation of sustainable drainage practices, he was first a student and later collaborated with John Argue, Australia's LID guru, who was responsible for the development of Australia's handbook for the implementation of Source Control Practices.

David brings a wealth of experience in integrated stormwater planning, design and construction incorporating LID practices, with a focus on projects involving stormwater reuse. He has provided strategic stormwater management advice to all levels of government and private clients and has provided expert witness services on a number of occasions.

David previously held executive positions as director and secretary of the Hydrological Society of South Australia, a not- for-profit technical society promoting all aspects of the water cycle. Since moving to Canada, David has been intimately involved in a number of LID projects from high-level planning, developing technical guidance, subdivision planning investigations and detailed design. He has provided significant contributions to the ALIDP through conducting training seminars and taking on the design and documentation of the Olds College bioretention research site.

“I am excited to promote the role of the Partnership in education, research and stakeholder engagement. Teamwork and good communications are vital to bring all aspects of LID together and I will work to build the ALIDP as a self-sustaining entity for the benefit of its members.”