Amy Ling P.Eng.



Amy Ling is an Environmental Engineer with EPCOR in Edmonton. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Civil-Environmental Engineering in 2010. Amy’s background has been varied, gaining experience in contaminated sites, environmental monitoring, environmental assessments, fisheries and wildlife work, project management, and waste management. With EPCOR, Amy is excited for new challenges related to green infrastructure and LID practices; and is looking forward to helping to reduce the City of Edmonton’s environmental footprint through the use of these practices. Amy is currently updating EPCOR’s LID Design Guide and adding LID into the City of Edmonton’s Design and Construction Standards.

 Amy has always been a champion of the environment, and was nominated by her peers for the Charles Labatiuk Award for Environmental Excellence while she was at the City of Edmonton. Amy is also passionate about raising awareness for engineering and the importance of environmental engineering; regularly volunteering for events such as the Science Olympics, Science Nights, career fairs, First Year Engineering Nights, and with the University of Alberta’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Club.