Pigeon Lake Watershed Mgmt Plan

Since 2015, the ALIDP has been assisting the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association develop the stormwater chapter of its Watershed Management Plan. A major part of the work has been the development of the Clean Runoff Action Guide, currently in preliminary draft for the residents of Pigeon Lake. The Guide provides property owners with information on how to evaluate their own properties to ensure that the 1" rainfall event is retained on site. A future volume will provide guidance on measures for planning and public spaces.


The ALIDP provides input, advice and review of plans, projects and outreach materials for its partners and stakeholders, as requested and as time permits. Input has been provided on AUMA's Stormwater Policy Recommendations, the Bow River Basin Council's WMP Phase II, the City of Calgary LID Modules, and the Provincial Reuse Policy.