Partnership Benefits

The ALIDP is a non-profit society working to discover, share and promote the implementation of sustainable stormwater practices in Alberta. 

Our cross-disciplinary dialog links government, industry, academia, stewards and educators. 

We seek to advance knowledge, provide networking opportunities, and advocate for the best in stormwater policy, planning, and practice. 

Through the support of our partners, this work can continue. Please consider joining us.

Types of partnerships

Municipal, Corporate, Non-Profit/Academic, and Vendor

A single purchase confers benefits on all employees. A listing in the partner directory is included.  Pricing is dependent on the size of the population served (for municipal) or the number of employees in Alberta (for corporate/non-profit).

Individual and student

A partnership purchase in this category confers benefits on one person only. A partner page and listing in the partner directory are not included.

Partnership Benefits

1) Discounts and Exclusive Events

Partners normally receive a discount off registration fees at events. Occasionally, we offer partner-only events.

2) Directory Listing for Municipal, Corporate, and Vendor Partners

Showcase your organization's skills and involvement in the stormwater world with a logo and link fro our website to yours.

3) Participation Opportunities

All partners are entitled to vote, participate in working groups and to stand for election to the Board of Directors.

Ready to join us in the cause?

Use the button below to apply for or renew a membership. Payment is by cheque or credit card. An invoice will be prepared and sent that has a payment link for a credit card.

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Not sure if your organization is a partner? Check the partner listing.


Partnership Type Fee ($)
Municipal Government
More than 200,000 residents
50,001 to 200,000 residents
10,001 to 50,000 residents
fewer than 10,000 residents
Corporate/ Non-profit
more than 50 employees*
6 to 50 employees*
1 to 5 employees*
(no company recognition)
Student n/c Volunteer
hours encouraged.

GST is not included in above prices. 
Partnership is valid for one calendar year. After June 30th, dues shown are 50% off. 
*in Alberta - covers all employees.