National bioretention design and construction standards are open for public review

Posted on Apr 09, 2018 in Guidance Documents , Design, Construction, Bioretention, Climate change adaptation

The National Research Council of Canada, under its Climate Resilient Buildings and Core Public Infrastructure Program, is supporting the development of standards that integrate and enhance climate change adaptation. The Green Infrastructure Technical Committee has produced its first standards, now open for public review, on the Design and Construction of Bioretention Systems.

Public comments are open until April 23, 2018 for the construction standard; and May 27 for the design standard.

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Planting at New Street across from the Calgary Zoo was a hit

Posted on Jun 15, 2017 in Stewardship, Native Plants, Riparian Restoration, Homeowner Action, Volunteers

We had a great time planting and we had a front row seat to the removal work of the old bridge at 12 St S.E. More photos to come.

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U.S. EPA has released a new cost estimation tool for its National Stormwater Calculator

Posted on May 17, 2017 in Modelling and Calculators, U.S. EPA, Feasibility

The U.S. EPA has released a new planning level cost estimation tool for its National Stormwater Calculator. There's also a nifty short video explaining the need for stormwater controls from a water quality perspective.

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